A Divine Comedy by Dante Castro (DC x DC)

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Eye Candy #3

Sara Jean Underwood

G4 television host & 2007 Playmate of the Year.



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Timepieces by Movado

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Lucid! is Released.

Click the image to go to the download page.

Or you can stream it off this player.

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Visual Hypnosis


This video is fantastic! Before you start keep these tips in mind:

1. Stay focused on the very center of the image, the white space that the eye of providence dissappears into. Focusing on the black lines will give you a slightly different effect.

2. Maximize the video to full screen to maximize the effect.

3. Have a painting or poster, something  to direct your attention to immediately as the video finishes.

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Winner’s Circle // Rich Hil

Son of fashion magnate Tommy Hilfiger, has just gotten out of rehab and has already produced a good amount of work to side with a purely relatable story. He dreams big! His claim is to become one of the best independent artists in the “game” within a year. Well, here’s my support! Watch the video, and after that catch a glimpse of my favorite song between him & Kid Cudi. Ciao!

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01 | Picture & Poem

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